The Process



Service for congresses, conferences events, incentives, seminars and meetings

  • The Agreement

If you agree on co-operating with us we will begin the initial site selection search. All we need is a verbal request to commence the search. Our services are at no cost to you.


  • The Requirements

You provide us with the basic information require-ments for the program including desired location(s), preferred dates, meeting room needs, number of sleeping rooms and any other details that are pertinent to the initial search.


  • The Research

We will search any hotel in the world – independent or chain affiliated – to match your requirements and budget. We also make use of a “state-of-the-art” HelmsBriscoe own intranet, which includes comments from other associates and meeting planners on such things as service, physical condition and rates on many hotels worldwide. We will compare these results to other resources. We will also check for any special offers only available to HelmsBriscoe. Specific hotels requested by you will be included as well those that we have found that fit your requirements.


  • Sending the Lead/RFP…

Requests for proposals will be sent out to the hotels. We will compile all of the information we receive back from the hotels and send the results of our search to you.


  • Narrowing the decision

Using the hotel presentation provided, you will select one or more hotels that you are interested in pursuing to narrow your decision. We will then provide you with any further information needed to decide. We will also take this time to set up any site tours you request, which will allow you to meet the staff and become more familiar with the hotel(s).


  • The Final Contender

You select the hotel of your choice, and we request the hotel to draw up the contract. Your company never loses its identity.


  • Negotiations

You will receive a copy of the contract for review. We can review the first draft of the contract from the hotel, ensuring that pertinent clauses and concessions are included and we can negotiate on your behalf until a final agreement has been reached. You will then sign the final copy of the contract and return it to the hotel.


  • Your Site has been selected

The process is complete. It is now time for us to step back and let you begin to work directly with the hotel. However, if you need us, we will be there to assist you in any possible way.